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can anyone help me,what are the topics to prepare for ibps po interview

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every one

can anyone help me,what are the topics to prepare for ibps po interview


parashu wrote:hi,
every one

can anyone help me,what are the topics to prepare for ibps po interview

Normally group discussion topics are gernal in nauture, which is gernally known to each paticipant, as the objective of GD is not to test the ability of the individual on the subject being discussed, but GD is the test of other abilities whcih are not known with written test or by intervews.

GD is the test of leadership, how a person put forward his pint of view, how does he takes up the point of view of others,
how does he motivates the other members in the group to participate in discussion,
how to lead the group from and settle with the opposite side (view point),
how effecively and precisely he puts his point of vew
How does he summarise and conclude

these are some of the points whcih are gernaly judged in the GD.

So as per my experience, I suggest that one should not worry about the in depath knowledge of the subject , as every one gernally know the topic but try to reherse the leadrship qualites

So, in an efcetive GD, one should first thing for few seconds about the topic, next, think whether he is in favour of it or against,
if it is either topic is not understood clearly of one is not sure whcih side he is, do not start the topic, else try to start the topic addressing the whole group.

give your view point of view in brief and through the discussion/ give opportunity to others.
listen carefully , attentively to others,
motivate passive ones in beteeen interupting(politely) to those who are trying to dominate the group so as others who are hesitating in the discussin, could participate,
try to see whether your point is not controversial ,
if your point of view is being nagated by most of the members , accept with humality with some strong reasons as your personal openion, however you could thing otherwise as well

if your popint of vew is accepted by the group, cheers, give some consolation to your opponents, and say as this is their point of view but affarid to accept as gropu view.

in a GD do not be harsh, be poilte and humble, listen calrefully, and try to lead the group.

source and see more : it may useful

3 AN INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE OF SBI PO on Fri Dec 23, 2011 9:49 pm


parashu wrote:hi,
every one

can anyone help me,what are the topics to prepare for ibps po interview
1-why r u interested in banking sector..??

2-Do u support privatisation of banks? why..??

3-Being in a public sector bank how can u compete with private sector banks...??

4-what steps 2b taken 2 control global warming.?
Questions posted by Akanshita
1.wat is NPA?
2.why do u want to join sbi.
3.Tell something abt yourself?
4.how many time u have cleared sbi exam?
5.who is the current chairman of sbi?
6.what is CRR?
7.what is RR(Repo rate)?
7.why did u choosed sbi for the job while pvt sector bank
is paying heavy salary to his employee?
8.which banned outfit is responsible for recent blast in
different city of india?
9.who is the governor of RBI?
10.u have completed your graduation(if u have)in this year(-
----).what u were doing till now?
11.who is the finance secretary?

source : Smile http://www.indrainfo.in/2011/12/interview-experience-of-sbi-po.html Very Happy

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